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Performance Wheel and Tire Upgrades in Kahului, Hawaii, at AMP Maui

If you love driving your 4x4 truck, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle, set your vehicle apart from the rest of the pack with a set of performance wheels and tires from AMP Maui. Along with distinguishing your automobile on the roads of Kahului, Hawaii, enhance the ability of your ride whether you are driving on the highway or off the beaten path.

We at AMP Maui are proud to carry wheels from all your favorite brands, including Moto Metal and American Force. When it’s time to upgrade to the best new tires for your lifted truck, reach out to our expert team about the differences between Nitto and Toyo tires. After you upgrade your custom truck with components from AMP Maui, we’ll still be about to help maintain your vehicle with complimentary tire rotations and re-torques for the life of your tires.

Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Tires

While most people upgrade their wheels for a fresh new look, most people do it for the performance benefits. Installing a new set of wheels and tires can not only significantly change the look of your car but will also enhance its ability, depending on the type of wheels you install. So if you decide to upgrade your wheels, make sure you understand the following:

Understanding Your Tires

It’s essential to understand your tires before your upgrade. This way, you can pick the right tires for your needs. You may have noticed a set of numbers and letters on the sidewall of your wheels, but may not understand what they mean. Those identifiers are important in helping you know the specs of the tires. By comparing the current specs and the capability of your vehicle, you should be able to find tires that work with your needs.

These identifiers are broken up into six sections. The first is a three numbers set that refers to the width of the tire - from sidewall to sidewall - and is measured in millimeters. The next two numbers refer to the aspect ratio on the sidewall against the width of the tire. The following is a letter - usually an R - will stand for the construction. The next indicator is a two number set that refers to the interior diameter that is designed to fit on the wheel. So if the number is 16, you’ll be working with 16’’ wheels. Next, you’ll find the number code that refers to the load index. Finally, the last letter will refer to the tire’s speed rating.

Bolt Pattern Importance

When it comes to deciding on what wheels you will use, not only will you need to measure the width and diameter, but you will also need to consider the bolt pattern. You’ll want to correctly measure the bolt pattern on your current vehicle to ensure your new tires will securely fit and not cause problems later. Just because your truck has five lugs, there is no guarantee that every five-hole wheel will fit.

You’ll also want to consider the number of bolts on your car and if it will accommodate your new tires and wheels. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the stud measurements will fit with your new tires.

Bolt patterns are expressed in terms of measurements. For example, seeing 5x100 in your vehicle’s specs will simply mean that there are five wheel studs with a diameter of 100 millimeters. Make sure you have the right hub size and bolt pattern before you purchase your next set of new wheels. At AMP Maui, we stock a wide array of wheels of a variety of bolt patterns at different sizes for you to pick from. Schedule your service with us today to ensure you find the wheels and tires that best fit with your vehicle.

Wheel Finishes

With a wide array of wheel sizes, bolt patterns, spinners, and offset options available to motorists near Kahului, HI, you’ll have plenty of options when selecting a new set at AMP Maui. But one upgrade that can bring a whole new dimension to a vehicle is the wheel’s finish. Whether you pick a set of wheels with a painted finish in a color that matches your truck or one that creates an eye-catching contrast, find a whole new look at AMP Maui in Kahului, HI!

Thinking About Tire Safety

When it comes to your tires, proper fitting them into your wheelbase is crucial to the safety of you and your passengers. Visit the pros at AMP Maui as we’ll help you look at three vital areas of tire installment before choosing your next set of wheels:

Overall Diameter

When upgrading, your wheels and tires combination should always clear the braking components, the body of the vehicle, and suspension parts. This is essential whether you are wanting to increase the diameter of your wheels for cruizing the highway or decreasing the diameter for better off-road performance.

Offset and Backspace

To ensure your new tires have proper clearance, it’s critical to know how far your wheels and tires can extend past the wheel well. If there is improper backspace or offset, your tires will cause interference with the body and steering components - dramatically decreasing your turning radius.

Proper Mounting
With many of today’s latest vehicles coming from a factory with wheels that are snuggly fit around the hub, it can be hard to find upgraded tires and wheels that can be mounted appropriately with your automobile. Visit AMP Maui and meet with an expert team that understands the importance of consistent centering of the wheel and tire assembly process. By properly mounting your tires and wheels, we’ll reduce the chance of an imbalance that may cause an uncomfortable vibration in the steering wheel or seat while driving.

AMP Maui Knows Custom Wheels

When you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle with custom wheels and tires, make the trip to our AMP Maui dealership in Kahului, Hawaii. We carry a wide array of tires and wheels to improve the style and performance of most vehicles. Our team of pros understands what wheels and tires sizes will fit with your car as well as meeting your performance expectations. Stop by and check out your options today!

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